Ai Yozora is one of the protagonists of Love Live! Eternity!!. She is a first year at Okiotome Academy. Her image color is light pink. She is a member of the sub-unit, Sweet Melody.

Background Edit

Ai Yozora grew up in the Fukuoka prefecture with her grandparents. When she was younger, she used to be a very talkative and bright child, until her habits had turned against her and caused her parents to separate. Though this happened, it didn't affect how she would act at school: friendly, and bright.

In her first year of middle school, she started to help out at the orphanage to take care of the orphans, and sing to them after school. She had some knowledge of school idols, and sometimes, whenever she felt like it, the idol songs that she tended to hear on the radio would be one of the tunes she liked to hum. Knowing that her parents separated, her friends started to use that on her, and bullied her mentally and physically. After a while, the bullying became so severe she left school for a week. The bullying however, continued even after she came back, so her grandparents decided that she would have to transfer schools. Ai changed due to her experiences, and now is a quiet, and hesitant young girl who fears interacting with people. Due to her experience with bullying, and her fear of it returning, she tends to stay alone and keep herself away from the others.