Arata Tada is one of the protagonists of Love Live! Eternity!!. He is a third year at Okiotome Academy. His image color is black, and he is a member of the all-round-attribute sub-unit, B-RAVE. He is also the Student Council Vice President.

 Background Edit

Arata was born as Verethragna Alam in the slums of Pakistan. Growing up, he did not have much money so he would skip lunch every day. If the food situation was especially bad, he would skip dinner as well. He grew up not knowing about the outside world and would spend his time jumping around buildings with his friends. He and his family eventually moved to England for a better life. His life growing up caused him to have a pessimistic outlook on life.

Personality Edit

If a stranger saw Arata, they'd just think of him as an emo teen. He is a very cut-off and asocial when he is by himself or around strangers. But when he is around his friends, Arata is a very cheerful person. He is funny and caring, but also very shy and reserved around women due to his gynophobia. He also has a huge inferiority complex. Even if he is obviously better than someone else at something, he will come up with some outlandish reason for why the other person is actually better; and he actually believes it. He has never been in a relationship because he is unable to make the first move. He is a very normal high school student by all other standards, but is calm in any situation and can make rational decisions in situations where others would freak out. He prefers to go along with others and does not like to rock the boat. However, if it is something he cares about such as his friends or family, he will show no mercy in verbally and/or physically attacking if it is necessary to protect them. In terms of friends, he has very few unless circumstances put them together or they make the first move since he is very passive about forming any relationships at all. Because of these alternating personality types, he is given the nickname Moody by his classmates. He can speak Pashto, Urdu, Arabic, Latin, English, Japanese, Spanish, and Korean. He is teaching himself Italian, French, Portuguese, Russian, German, and Mandarin. He has a huge interest in history and will know the answer to any history question asked of him. The history of any culture on any continent in any country. Even very obscure things that do not matter. He read a 1,200 page book called "History of the World" in one weekend. Loves all kinds of anime and plays any video games, even crappy ones. He can play the piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, violin, and drums.

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