Kei Shimizu is one of the protagonists of Love Live! Eternity!!. He is a third year in Okiotome Academy. His image color is lime green. He is part of the sub-unit, Black Rose, and he is also the one who came up with the name.

 Background Edit

Kei was born in Tokyo, but moved to Okinawa when he was 4 due to his parents’ jobs. Being the shy, introverted and slightly awkward type, he wasn’t able to make many friends aside from Konori, whom he followed around ever since. The two of them made a rock duo under the name of Flaming Faraoh.

Personality Edit

Kei is mostly quiet and reserved, but those who have been friends with him long enough know that he can be extremely lively and talkative when someone mentions something he likes, especially music. He tends to shy away from being the center of attention, but that part of him changes drastically when he gets on stage. Not being a natural leader, he finds the most comfort in following other people, usually Konori. He strongly dislikes being alone, and always tries to be polite and friendly to everyone he comes across.

Clubs and Hobbies Edit

Aside from Ei9, Kei is an active member of both the Math Club, where he is the president, and the Men's Choir. He is also one of the two members of Flaming Faraoh, where he plays the guitar and also sings.

Kei also has a strong affinity towards water - he swims regularly and enjoys studying the various fish in the ocean.

Trivia Edit

  • Kei enjoys making puns and will make one whenever he can, much to the annoyance of the other members at Ei9.
  • He uses "-cchi" instead of "-chan" for honorifics (e.g. "Koncchi" instead of "Konchan")
  • Despite the fact that he likes girls, many suspect that he is a homosexual due to his effeminate behaviour.