Yukine Tsukonoย is one of the protagonists ofย Love Live! Eternity!!.ย He is a second year in Okiotome Academy. His image color is sky blue. He is a member of the sub-unit, B-RAVE.

Background Edit

Born in Tokyo, Japan to a Japanese popstar father and American dancer mother, Yukine Tsukono and his twin sister Aika Tsukono grew up in Japan until they moved to America for middle school so that Yukine could attend a prestigious dance school.

Growing up Yukine had always been the favoured child of the twins; all of his achievements, large or small were celebrated, unlike his sisters. Despite this, the twins are extremely close, due to their parents often being on long trips for work throughout their childhood.

The twins returned to Japan at the start of their second year of high school due to Yukine losing the scholarship he had to the dance school he had been attending, due to his inability to complete his exams because of his shoulder injury. Instead of returning to Tokyo where they had grown up, they moved to Naha, Okinawa and ended up enrolling to Okiotome. Since returning to Japan, the twins parents have seemingly abandoned them, leaving t hem to fend for themselves in an unfamiliar place.

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Trivia Edit

  • The month of April is not only the birth month of Yukine, but to the rest of the second years. All four of them have birthdays in the month of April (including their voice actors)
  • Yukine is the older of the Tsukono twins
  • His hat obsession is also shared with his CV, Ame
  • Yukine is one of the costume designers for Ei9
    • His seiyuu, Ame, is also one of the artists